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Messages from March 2009.

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Message of Our Lady - (01/03/2009) São José dos Pinhais/PR

Dear children, I invite you today to welcome with love my messages that I have transmitted here over these years. God calls you to be an example of true Christians.

Beloved, approach the sacrament of confession. A good confession can cure you of many ills. Reconcile yourselves with God and the your neighbor, my children.

My children, do not stray from the path that I have indicated to you throughout these 21 years that I have come to earth. I love you, I love you!

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Message of Our Lord Jesus Christ - (01/03/2009) Saint Joseph of the Pines/PR

My little lily!

I am Jesus, I am your Master and your Savior.

Beloved, you are in my arms my child. Who could love you more than I?

Eduardo my son, My suffering is yours and your suffering is mine, as well as the joys. Trust me, I am a God of love, of forgiveness and justice. The meek and humble of heart, shall have their reward.

Beloved, once again I speak to you: do not do to others what you would not want for yourself. I leave you my peace.

Message of Saint Joseph - (01/03/2009) São José dos Pinhais/PR

Eduardo, you have my blessing!

Beloved, sin continues to spread throughout the land. The supplications of my beloved wife, Mary Most Holy, are increasingly ignored by many.

The our adversary wants to destroy all mankind by sowing envy, greed and lust. Stay awake, and pray that you do not fall into temptations, my beloveds!

In this month dedicated to Me, the faithful who honor my Most Chaste Heart with prayers and novenas dedicated to Me, I promise the grace to live the purity of soul, body and a good death. Those who honor my name in their homes, misfortune will not fall on their families.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Note: Prayers and Rosary to St. Joseph on the website: http://oracoesdosantuario.zip.net (site extinct), or in the menu prayers of this website

Message of Our Lady - (02/03/2009) Curitiba/PR

Dear children, on this day of penance, I want your Mother to be the Queen of Peace, I invite you to pray with devotion the Rosary of Love taught by my Divine Son to my daughter the Consolata. (Rosary for souls taught by Our Lord to Sóror Consolata Betrone in Turin - Italy).

Pray this Rosary with confidence and spread this devotion. With every jaculatory done with love, a soul is freed from purgatory.

Pray, pray without ceasing this Rosary. I, like your Mother, ask that you ones listen to my calls by living them in their homes. If you ones pray with confidence Satan will haven't power over you.

I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

See the message of 23/10/2006 about this Rosary

Message of Our Lord Jesus Christ - (02/03/2009) Curitiba/PR

Beloved son, listen carefully to this message from me.

Beloved, spread these messages of mine urgently, which I transmit to you with my heart crushed. My Sacred Heart is still crushed to see my priests asleep by their convenience. A dense darkness surrounds them far from Me. Dear priests, listen to the voice of your Shepherd. Remain faithful to My teachings. The Angel of the Palm is about many of my priests. To these priests My Divine justice is weighing heavily, if they do not sincerely repent of their faults.

I am Jesus of Nazareth

Message from São José - (02/03/2009) Curitiba/PR

Eduardo, on this day of penance, I join you in prayer for the conversion of sinners and for the souls of purgatory.

On this day I pour the graces of my most chaste heart on all of you. I promise to all those who honor this My Heart, I will shower copious graces on the Church and on your families.

Message of Our Lady - (03/03/2009) São José dos Pinhais/PR

Dear children, I invite you today to pray with love and confidence the Rosary of My Tears, for unity in the Church and for the conversion of my favorite children (priests).

Dear children priests, preach with love and courage the Gospel of my Divine Son. To those who are already consecrated to my Immaculate Heart, have confidence and obedience, and to those who are not yet consecrated, make your consecration to my Heart today. Continue steadfastly, my dear priests. Pray the Rosary with love!

My children, pray and fast for your parish priest.

With much love I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Message of Our Lord Jesus Christ - (03/03/2009) San José dos Pinhais/PR

Beloved, I thank you for those who hear My call to work in My harvest.

Fear not! Go forward confident of victory.

Pray, keep praying with confidence every day. Repent of your sins by reconciling yourselves with your neighbor. You cannot come to Me in the Eucharist unless there is reconciliation with your brother. Throw away all pride and be humble to ask forgiveness. True forgiveness frees you and heals you from many diseases. Stay away from slanderers and the proud! I leave you My peace.

Message of Our Lady (03/05/2009) Saint Joseph of the Pines/PR

Dear children, take my messages and spread them to all my children. Forward with courage and joy.

I thank all of you who are contributing to making these messages reach all Brazilian states and even other countries such as the United States, France, Germany and Italy. On this day, I give a special blessing to all the promoters+.

Message of Our Lady (08/03/2009) Saint Joseph of the Pines/PR

Peace! Here is my call today: pray the family Rosary with love and trust. With your prayers you have helped me to convert many of my children who still walk far from the Lord.

If you ask Me with confidence I the Queen of Peace - Mystical Rose, you will be granted.

I rejoice in the presence of each one in My shrine of Tears and also in the Eucharist. Pray, pray!

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Message of Our Lady (10/03/2009) Ilhota/SC

Beloved son, pray the Rosary of Love for those children who lost their lives here in the floods of last November.

Pray the Rosary for the families who still suffer the loss of their relatives. Dear children of this city, I invite you to live turned to the Lord.

Pray,pray the Rosary in your homes with confidence. I invite you to go more often to Holy Mass and practice charity with others.

I am the Queen and messenger of the Lord the Mother and Queen of Peace.

Message of Our Lady (03/12/2009) Itajaí/SC

Beloved son, I rejoice in your presence in this place where God has chosen to

I, the Queen of Peace Mediatrix of All Graces, came to this state to transmit her appeals through messages and signals.

It is more than 26 years of signs and 21 years of messages from My and My Divine Son. Throughout these 21 years, we have already transmitted more than five thousand messages to all humanity.

We also graced many children with private messages and signs so that they would believe in Our presence in their homes.

I have also manifested myself in many churches by showing My beloved children that I the Immaculate Conception,

I am Mother of the Church and also Mother of Vocations! Know my dear ones that I still care about each one of you.

Beloved son, fear not! The great wall is already erected and My children will have total security with Me.

An unexpected event in the Catholic Church will bring a lot of repercussion in the press around the world and many will lose faith.

Benedict XVI needs your prayers very much. Pray, pray, pray.

To my seers and confidants spread throughout this nation, I invite you to be gathered at My shrine of Lagrimas in São José dos Pinhais on July 13, the day of the Mystical Rose.

The day we will commemorate My first appearance with this title to My dear daughter Pierina at the hospital in Montichiari, Italy.

Come all confessed and prepared in prayer, for the Lord promises wonders to his children. I love you, I love you!

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Message of Our Lady (13/03/2009) Itajaí/SC

Beloved son, I am Maria Rosa Mística the Queen and Mediatrix of All Graces!

Today I make you feel My perfume to remind you of My manifestation in the image of Our Lady of Graces a year ago here in this city. Dear children of Santa Catarina, pray the Rosary so that you may always be with Me, who am your Mother.

I ask for reparations for the carelessness of things in heaven. Judge not that you be not judged. As loving Mother, I easily forgive each and every one of you. In this state I manifest myself as Queen of Peace and Mediatrix of All Graces. Reread my messages here already dictated over those 21 years.

I pour out upon you my motherly blessing in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Fotos do mês do antigo Fotolog:

6 first pictures: Sun phenomena in March/2009;

7th photo: Phenomenon in front of the seer's house;

8th photo: Luminous Phenomenon in front of the Chapel of the Apparitions

9th photo: Photo taken from the image outside the chapel. There is a light next to the image of Our Lady!

10th photo: Miraculous image of Our Lady Mystical Rose of possession with the Eucharist brought by St. Michael during a Mass celebrated in the Shrine on 31/12/2000, in the presence of the priest and 17 other witnesses. This Eucharist is preserved to this day. It is observed that the Eucharist leans down from time to time.

11th photo: St Michael's Pool

12th photo: Resurrection Cross at the Shrine

13th and 14th photo: Cenacle of the month on 03/08/2003/2009. Romeiros from the cities of Curitiba, São José dos Pinhais, Palmeira, Ponta Grossa, Araucária, Campo Largo, Piraquara, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

15th photo: The Sanctuary had the joy of receiving on 03/21/2009 the visit of the pilgrims from Joinville, SC, with the presence of deacon Toninho.

Message of Our Lady (15/03/2009) Saint Joseph of the Pines/PR

Dear son, My call today is to turn to a life of prayer and abandonment in the hands of the Lord.

Dear children, you must find time in your lives for prayer, because only with prayer will you be able to understand My messages. Pray, pray, pray!

Little children, open your hearts and listen to My messages while in time for conversion. I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen, amen, amen.

Message of Our Lady (03/21/2009) São José dos Pinhais/PR

Dear children, on this day I rejoice in the presence of each one of you here in My Shrine of Tears*.

Little children, seek to build peace in your communities, for only then can you be happy.

Little children, have confidence in your Mother who is lovingly present here with the title of the Mystical Rose Queen of Peace.

I love you and thank you for all you are doing for me in your city. Continue to propagate devotion to My title of the Mystical Rose. In January 1996 when I appeared to this servant of mine in Joinville, I asked him to pray for this city and to spread the devotion to the Mystical Rose. And so it was done and the years passed and today I rejoice with My children who honor Me with this title in the city of princes, as Joinville is known.

Dear children, you should not be ashamed to speak of My messages. Be brave, my beloved!

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

*In here Our Lady refers to a group of pilgrims who came with a deacon from Joinville-SC

Message of Our Lady (23/03/2009) San José dos Pinhais/PR

Dear children, peace be with you!

Beloved, always pray for each other. Pray also together, for in union I will be present.

Beloved children, listen to the voice of this Mother who comes to you through these manifestations here in Saint Joseph of the Pines. Remain always faithful to my Son Jesus. Only those who are faithful to my Jesus will remain standing. Pray, pray, pray!

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Message of Our Lady (25/03/2009) Saint Joseph of the Pines/PR

Dear and beloved children, on this day I invite you once again to pray for the Church of My Jesus. Pray, pray that my beloved children may have discernment before the dark cloud that lies in the Church...

The evil one continues to reap many of my priests, sowing discord among them.

The Rosary is a great weapon against this evil that is tormenting many of my favorite children. Dear priestly children, I wish to tell you that it is important the conversion in your lives and do not accommodate yourselves.

I am Mary Queen of Peace, Mother of the Annunciation.

Message of Our Lord Jesus Christ (29/03/2009) Saint Joseph of the Pines/PR

Beloved, you must pray with your families. You must be united in prayer. Only then can you overcome the difficulties.

My dear ones, practice love, charity and mercy in the family. Consecrate your homes to Our Sacred Hearts!

Be evangelizers in your own family. I am Jesus of Nazareth!

Photos from the month of February 2009 of the old Fotolog. Access the same photos with the original captions at the following address: https://photos.app.goo.gl/c1SDNuKELj7oBjvF6

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Arabic: ظهور سيدة

Bosnian: Ogled naše Gospe

English: Apparition of Our Lady

Spanish: Aparición de Nuestra Señora

French: Apparition de Notre Dame

Croatian: Ukazanje Gospe

Italian: Apparizione di Nostra Signora

Hebrew: התגלותה של גבירתנו

Japanese: 聖母の出現

Korean: 성모님의 유혹

Norwegian: Angivelse av Vår Frue

Polish: Objawienie Matki Bożej

Russian: Явление Богоматери

Vietnamese: Sự hiện ra của Đức Mẹ

Chinese: 我们的夫人的幻影

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